Increase health professionals digital & soft skills in order to reduce the current existing gap between digital technology trends and their effective use in the health sector.

In order to achieve such objectives, the Project will produce the following Intellectual Outputs (IO)

IO1 – IO2 – IO3 – IO4

Intellectual Outputs will be mainstreamed through 5 Multiplier events (focused on IO1 and 2) and 1 final multiplier event which will provide evidence of the training method and launch the permanent Observatory on Digital Health Soft Skills.


The main results of the project will be: Available common method to understand digital technology trends and an available map of successful cases of digital health based working processes and related training methods, increased awareness level of healthcare system actors about digital technology trends at transnational level, increased knowledge of training providers about successful training methods adopted to introduce digital health solutions, identification of core skills needed to facilitate the adoption of digital solutions in the health sector, a flexible lifelong training Lab targeted to health professionals + online library, a consolidated team of training experts ready to follow up, an agreement on the Observatory structure and ownership.

The project targets Health professionals (managers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.), Non-clinical and administrative staff of the health system, IT professionals working in and for the healthcare environment (including external technology solution providers). This means that it will positively affect regional and local health systems, clustering entities focused on digital technologies and – also – it will provide benefits (narrowing digital technologies and training) to educational and research stakeholders.

IO1: Intellectual Output 1

Digital Health Technology Trends & Implications for health professionals, which will create the knowledge base about current successful practices on new health technologies & training methods.

IO1 aims at increasing the level of understanding of digital technology trends and their implications in the health practice. Partners will identify and analyze, through interviews, successful cases of implementation of digital health.

Open Report

IO2: Intellectual Output 2

IO2 aims at providing a map and identifying the soft skills of health professionals (health actors; technology providers and training providers) working in a digital based/supported environment.

Based on the evidences provided by Intellectual Output 1 and, furthermore, on a dedicated analytical activity involving specialized Training Organizations, health professionals and technology providers, a soft skills profile will be created. The Intellectual Output will lay down the foundations of the Training concept which will be delivered as Intellectual Output 3.

IO3: Intellectual Output 3

This output will consist in a Learning Lab based Training Scheme. The core training environment will be a Learning Lab, where trainees are able to understand the potential of new technologies and their applicability and to see how technologies work in “real-living” environments.

IO4: Intellectual Output 4

Intellectual Output 4 aims at summarizing evidences and providing guidelines to health care system and lifelong learning training providers about how to use the delivered Training Lab methodology to accelerate introduction of digital health technologies into health processes. It will also contain section at establishing a permanent Observatory on Digital Health Soft Skills with the view to activate public private partnerships managing them on a permanent basis.