Intellectual Output 2

Intellectual Output 2 Digital & Soft Skills of tomorrow’s health professionals

Digital technologies in the Health and Care sector will inexorably lead to further developments. The risk is that it will make us eager to upgrade before we even have realized their potential benefits and the reason, is the lack of solutions to understand their setup, the possible effects on health professionals work, the changes apported to interactions with colleagues, patients, etc. What is needed is not just a technical (or technological) knowledge transfer, but also a deeper understanding of how some key competences need to be upgraded to help health professionals to fully benefit from the ever-evolving digital era.
This is where this report comes into play, identifying core skills needed to facilitate the adoption of digital solutions in the Health and Care sector.

The Intellectual Output entire report and abstract are available at the following links:
IO2_Digital & Soft Skills of tomorrow’s health professionals_final
IO2_Digital Soft Skills of tomorrows health professionals_abstract